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Graphic Ephemeris for Forecasts ~ 1960 ~ 2060

2016 New Publication
  New edition, Fallon Astro Graphics, 2021 - ISBN: 978-2-9578116-0-1

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In this unique Ephemeris, the practitioner will see at a glance, past, present and future transits, from 1960 to 2060.
One used to working with an ordinary Ephemeris, or a computer, will appreciate the annual chart and be surprised by the precision of the data.
Condensed alongside the planets monthly longitudes and their retrograde positions, are the key degrees, the data and longitudes of the major aspects, lunation and eclipses. Also included, the Black moon, and dwarf planets Eris and Sedna. This book, conceived for the study of transits and progressions of a natal chart, also clarifies the mundane tendencies.
Bilingual : English - Français.

This book is an improved edition of the old Graphic Ephemeris for Forecasts 1920-2040, out of print since a few years (Editions du Rocher). Other new additions:

- The zodiac is presented in universal zodiac, Aries right. This presentation aligns the zodiac longitudes to their corresponding declinations, the 3rd dimension of our skies. It also makes the slow rising signs (Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio) appear on the left, as most of our Ascendant left charts.
- New clearer presentation for the retrogradation of Mercury, Venus and Mars in the centre of the drawing.
- Addition of the mean Black Moon, the lunar apogee indicator of the Moon-Earth distance, in the graph. It gives us an idea of the position of the lunar perigee that is more or less opposed.
- Addition of the position of dwarf planets Eris and Sedna in the drawing (in Aries ans Taurus), plus their corresponding declinations.
- Addition of the Moon Cross, this is to say the variable locations (depending of the Lunar Node cycle) where the Moon passes its cardinal points (its equator crossings and lunistices, maxima in declination, that can be compared to the Sun's equinoxes and solstices, origin of the division of the 12 zodiacal signs). This data can be essential to interpret the 3rd dimension of charts.
- Addition of the major lunation degrees table from 2000 to 2060.

- Addition of the equivalence table between ecliptic longitudes and declination, and its use.

Back cover

Inside cover
Index page

Introduction  to the Graphic Ephemeris  (p 11) 
Table of the Lunar Cross (lunistices & equator crossings) (p 13)
Autumn-winter Lunation table (p16)

Graphic Ephemeris for Forecasts  1960-2060   (p 17)

Addendum   (p 220)
Planets and luminaries  (p 221)
Planetary cycles  (p 222)
Conjunctions & Oppositions  1900-2060  (p 225)
Life Cycles  (p 231)
Geocentrism and Tropical zodiac  (p 232)
The Moon's Nodes   (p 233)
Equivalence table between longitudes and declinations  (234)
Bibliography  (p 238)

Reviews of its previous publication

"This is one of the few books that remain on my desk all the time. Wonderful information for us tech freaks who want to be able to follow a planet year after year to get a pattern. It's an invaluable work tool." Lois M. Rodden - Data News n 72, USA

"The book is very cleanly designed with artistically presented charts. This will be a well-used book in my library and I recommend it as a reference to all who do mundane work or forecasting for clients." Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer n82 - Dec. 98, USA

"This is a great graphic ephemeris, made to order for anybody who likes to predict or does a lot of mundane astrology. Very useful." Marion March - Aspects, USA & The Astrological Journal Vol. 40 n 3 - 1998, UK

"Astrid Fallon's ephemeris is a useful quick reference." Nicholas Campion - The Astrological Journal ,Vol.40 n3 - 1998, UK

"I was thrilled to see this as each year I map this planetary travel and the planetary stations and encourage students to do the same when working with transits. As visual outlay of the year, this is a great reference. The value of this ephemeris is the visual feel of the planetary movements." Brian Clark, The FAA Journal Vol 29 n 1 - 3/1999, Australia

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