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29.5 Days Cycle

The cycle starts on top of the circle with the New Moon. Every six months, the New Moon causes a Sun Eclipse (Moon between Sun and Earth). The 21st June New Moon was a rare phenomenon because the Sun Eclipse occurred at Solstice point !

The Full Moon occurs 14 days after the lunation. Every six months, the Moon is eclipsed when Full (by the Earth's umbra).

Legend  suggestions  for  Clock angles

360°- 0°  Completion of the old, birth of the new cycle, seeding of new ideas.
30°         First noticeable manifestation of new idea.
60°         New idea becomes integrated into society's approach.
90°         Obstacles to growth, challenges to the spread of the idea.
120°       Surge in opportunities, motivation and aspiration. Growth of the idea.
150°       Improving and adjusting for full potential.
180°       Efforts reach greatest fruition but inherent contradictions appear.
210°       Coming to grasp the contradictions, making necessary adjustments.
240°       Pervasive enjoyment and fulfilment in what has been achieved.
270°       Key questions and challenges confront the survival of the idea.
300°       Working out of remaining potential, foresight into future approach.
330°       Philosophical understanding of past cycle starts to emerge.

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