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Planetary Phenomena  for 2024

Fallon Astro Graphics

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Planetary Phenomena for 2024   8 pages, printed on 160gr card. Size : 21 x 29,7 cm.

Tables show all conjunctions : the precision highlights the quality of each conjunction (eclipse, cazimi or occultation), mainly by its tropical longitude, but also by declination degree and by their distance apart in declination. Also, the 2 lunar phases, lunar apogees/perigees, aspects bydéclinaison (maxima, equator corssings and major parallels/contra-parallels), the ingres times, the retrograde and direct stations times and longitudes.

The charts illustrate the monthly planetary motions, as well as the Retrogadations of Mercury, Venus and Mars.

This new publication replaces the former annual Rainbow Ephemeris.


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