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The Rainbow Ephemeris  2020  is 44 pages. Size: 21 x 29,7 cm.

The month-to-a-spead ephemeris (below) is loaded with visual data, including the circular chart in longitudes (+ the 2 lunation charts), the declination graph (showing the 4 Moon phases + the Out-of-Bound positions), the graph for major aspects between Jupiter to Pluto.

Also included in the tables of this double page : a daily ephemeris for all the planets, the mean Node, the Black Moon, Ceres and Chiron; the declination of all planets for the 1st of each month ; the daily Moon longitude at 0h GMT, day and time for Moon and planet Ingress, times and longitudes of the planet Stations, the 4 Moon phases, the Moon Apogee, Perigee, times for declination data as hour of Maxima, minima, crossing of Equator (Decl. 0°), or becoming OOB (and back in bounds) ; and finally the tightest conjunctions (when planets are less than 1° apart in declination) like the eclipses, occultations and Cazimis. If this isn't enough, there is some space left to jot down notes each day.

  The monthly pages are followed by more data in color...
- Global views of longitudes and declination.
- Charts and cartography (5 pages) for the the tightest conjunctions (eclipses, occultation and cazimi).
- Heliocentric data : planets crossing their Nodes, Aphelia and Perihelia.

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